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The Role of a Civil Rights Attorney

The Role of a Civil Rights Attorney

A civil litigation attorney, also known as a “litigator” or “trial lawyer” is a lawyer who is involved in settling a legal dispute between two or more people or parties who seek specific performance or monetary damages instead of criminal sanctions. The civil litigation attorney represents one party in hearings, trials and mediations before agencies, federal and foreign tribunals, and local and state courts.

The civil litigation attorney is also concerned with civil rights, and in this case, they are known as a civil rights attorney. Civil rights has been an issue for a long time now, as many people in a country believe that “all men are created equal.” Civil rights attorneys defend people for this right, to be treated fairly and to be given the same opportunities as everyone else, regardless of race, nationality and belief. Some of the issues that civil rights attorneys are involved in include sexual harassment, employment and housing discrimination, and racial profiling.

Civil rights attorneys often need to be highly skilled as civil rights cases can be difficult to try. Discrimination is a harsh accusation, and is often difficult to prove since it is usually based on circumstantial evidence. Civil rights attorneys must be intimately familiar with the legislation on civil rights, and have expert knowledge on laws to be able to defend their cases.

Many lawyers believe that becoming a civil rights attorney is a gratifying and rewarding experience. It is a competitive field that many people are choosing to get into.