Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney

Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney

Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney
An Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney is a lawyer, barred in the State of Georgia who represents clients who have been injured through the course of their employment.  Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorneys must be familiar with both the state workers compensation laws and the rules concerning social security disability.
Most companies, especially those that employ individuals who are in dangerous professions, carry workers compensation insurance.  Workers compensation insurance is a negotiation between employers and employees where the employer guarantees to pay a certain amount of compensation for injuries involved in a  work related injury.  In return the injured individual agrees not to sue for damages in personal injury.  
Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorneys should be hired when you have been given inadequate compensation, or denied compensation, by the workers compensation insurance company.  An Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney can also help you file for your social security disability benefits when you have been injured so severely that it prevents you from seeking any form of gainful employment.
Even though it is not necessary to have an Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney representing you when you file for social security disability it is recommended.  An Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney will help you through the steps of applying for social security disability .  Applying for social security disability is a very complex process and it must be accomplished perfectly.  A very high percentage of initial applications for social security disability are denied, often because the application was not completed properly.  An Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney can help you complete the application for social security disability and, if necessary, represent you in an appeal in front of the social security administration.
Why do I need an Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney?
An Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney is necessary whenever you have been injured on the job due to an accident.  Even though your employer may be covered by workers compensation insurance does not mean that the workers compensation insurance company will actually pay for all your damages.  Like any other type of insurance company, the insurer will attempt to refute responsibility and lower their pay out as much as possible.  It is important to have an Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorneys working for you when the workers compensation insurance board denies part or all of your claim.  Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorneys make their living negotiating with insurance companies over disputed workers compensation claims.   
You can also retain a Atlanta workers compensation attorney to help represent you in claims against third party plaintiffs.  Often times an injury that occurs on the job will not be completely covered by workers compensation insurance.  In these situations you will need to use your Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney to sue third parties who may have contributed to the injury.  Third parties are not covered by the workers compensation agreement and a plaintiff will usually have no limits to the amount that, through the help of their Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney, can collect.  An example of this would be when an individual is injured at work by falling down the stairs.  Workers compensation insurance may not cover the entire damage so you might want to use your atlanta workers compensation attorney to sue the contractors who installed a faulty railing.
How much will an Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney cost?
Attorney’s fees for a Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney will be based on a contingency.  This means that you will not be responsible for paying your Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney unless you are successful in your action.  As far as the attorney’s fees are concerned the Georgia Workers Compensation Act allows a  maximum contingency fee of 25% of the total award from the workers compensation insurance.  For suits against third party plaintiffs for damages resulting in injury the Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney will usually ask for 30% to 40% of the damages awarded to the plaintiff in a successful lawsuit.
Where do I find Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorneys?
If you need to find a Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney you can do so by searching through attorney websites on the internet.  Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorneys  maintain websites that give information about their practice, their education, experience, successes and other accolades.
You can also contact the referral service associated with the Georgia Bar Association.  The Georgia Bar Associations does not operate a referral service but will be able to get you in touch with a local referral service that can help you.  This is done by calling 404-527-8700 to talk to a representative from the Georgia Bar Association.
You can also take advantage of the referral service.  By  clicking on the “find a lawyer” link at the top of this page you will have access to the referral service whereby a representative from will be able to put you in touch with Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney in your area that meets the high standards that you are looking for.  Just go to the link and input your name, contact information, location, and a brief explanation of why you need a Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney.  A representative from will then get in touch with you about Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorneys in your area that will be able to help you.




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