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The Demand for Corporate Attorneys

The Demand for Corporate Attorneys

Corporate Attorneys are attorneys who specialize in corporate law. Corporate attorneys work around 40-50 hours a week, and have a starting salary of $64,000. After 10-15 years, this could increase to around $139,000.

Corporate Attorneys make sure of the legality of corporate transactions and businesses. They should have expert knowledge on the laws and regulations put into place by the government to be able to do their job. All commercial transactions made by the company should be ensured by the corporate attorney to be within local, state and federal laws.

The roles of corporate attorneys include giving advice to corporations regarding their legal rights and duties. This includes advising the corporate officers on their duties and responsibilities. For corporate attorneys to do this, they should have good knowledge of tax law, contract law, securities law, accounting, intellectual property rights, bankruptcy, licensing, zoning laws, and other laws that could pertain to the business of the company or corporations who have hired them.

The dealings of a corporate attorney differ from a small company to a large corporation. For a small company, the corporate attorney is typically involved in short-term jobs or tasks like real estate transactions, drafting contracts and wills, etc. A corporate attorney working in a large corporation, on the other hand, may spend many hours in negotiating one business transaction.

Finding a corporate attorney is pretty easy. Your options include looking in your local telephone directory, searching on-line in search engines or at lawyers.com, or asking your local bar association about their list of corporate attorneys.