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Guide to Finding Immigration Attorneys

Guide to Finding Immigration Attorneys


What does an Immigration Attorney Do?

Immigration attorneys are legal specialists who represent clients in immigration matters. Issues pertaining to immigration are almost always complex. These complications stem from the immigration laws imposed by the United States Government—there are endless rules and regulations involved with every type of immigration issues. As such, an immigration attorney will aim to facilitate an individual’s quest to maintain, apply for, or subsequently gather legal status in this country. Whether you are looking for information on applying for a green card or you seek a visa for a temporary visit to the United States, an immigration attorney will facilitate your search. All issues pertaining to immigration are expedited through the hiring of an immigration attorney. 

How do I Find an Immigration Attorney?

The first step to solving your immigration issue is finding suitable representation. To find the names of a few immigration attorneys in your area, you must conduct Internet searches. Utilization of the Internet is key; it’s the cheapest and most effective means to compile a list of every suitable immigration attorney in your area. 

In addition to knowing how to search, you must also understand what you are searching for. Because the issues surrounding your case are undoubtedly important, you should not broaden your endeavor. You must search for immigration attorneys who specialize in the issues surrounding your case. If you are looking for information regarding the green card application process, for example, you must search for/interview immigration attorneys who have experience with green card applications or an intense focus on the process. Therefore, to effectively search for an immigration attorney in your area, you must pinpoint the circumstances and procedures that surround your case. 

To search for specialized immigration attorneys in your area simply visit a popular search engine like Google or Yahoo and type in “Immigration Attorney” followed by your city or state. The engine will offer you a series of results; take note of each firm that shows up on the first couple pages of the engine. In addition to conducting Internet searches, you should contact your local bar association. Frequently, these organizations will have referral programs to connect potential clients with local attorneys. Also, the American Immigration Lawyers Association has tools and information to help you find an immigration attorney in your area. 

After you have gathered a list of prospective immigration attorneys in your area you should proceed to conduct further information on each one. In addition to viewing their biographical information listed on their firm’s website, you should also search for case profiles, firsthand accounts (offered by previous clients), articles written by the attorneys etc. 

Once you conduct this research you will be able to paint a picture of each individual’s practice and experience. Ultimately, the retrieval of this information should eliminate a few immigration attorneys from your original list. 

Using the updated list, you should contact—either through phone or email—each remaining prospective immigration attorney. When you reach these individuals you should provide them with a background of your case. The majority of immigration attorneys will gladly take the time to talk to a potential client. As a result, immigration attorneys will be open to answer any general questions, relating to their experience in similar matters and your potential case. After a brief discussion, you should ask the prospective immigration attorney whether he or his firm has any literature or information that can be mailed to you. 

After talking to each immigration attorney you should check back with your local bar association to see if the immigration attorneys you spoke with are in good standing, in regards to licensing, with the state. If you discover a problem, you should eliminate the particular immigration attorney from your list. Also, immigration attorneys may be certified as an expert or specialist in immigration law. In this case, the individual possesses an advanced understanding and training for a particular field of immigration law. Remember, it is important to match your case with a specialist, so if you come across a match, propel that particular individual to the top of your list. Frequently, immigration attorneys will limit their practice to certain areas of immigration law, such as employment-related visas or deportation cases.

If you have difficulty understanding or speaking English, you want to consider searching for an immigration attorney who speaks or writes in your native language. 

After you find an immigration attorney whom you feel comfortable with, you should contact the individual to schedule a preliminary meeting or consultation. During these meetings, the immigration attorney will review your case in-depth and gauge whether or not he would like to pursue it. If he accepts your case, you must go over his payment schedule. 

Evaluating Costs Associated with Immigration Attorneys:

Depending on your legal matter, an immigration attorney may charge you an hourly rate where you will be required to pay a certain amount for each hour he works on your case. However, other immigration attorneys will charge a flat fee—a set price to work on your issue from beginning to end. When choosing an immigration attorney, the cost of services is paramount. 

Many people do not understand the immigration laws in the United States, simply because they are so complex. However, an immigration attorney can provide you with the representation you need in a number of different types of immigration and naturalization cases. Immigration attorneys can help with employment visas, green cards, and political asylum.

Because many immigrants do not understand the law, it’s important that you contact an immigration attorney as soon as possible. There are even a few instances when your situation may require an immigration attorney, such as if a loved in being detained by INS or to handle an INS detainee lawsuit. Immigration attorneys can help protect your rights, even if you are not in the country legally.

Immigration attorneys work to get you the paperwork you need to live and work in the United States. It’s not a quick process, but once it’s done, you will have your visa or green card. Some immigrants want to be naturalized as American citizens, and the right immigration attorney can take care of that as well.

Immigration attorneys may also defend immigrants against certain criminal charges and will help ensure that they are not treated unfairly. An immigration attorney also can help with other legal matters.

If you need the services of an immigration attorney, don’t wait to get in touch with one. The longer you wait to get your current situation taken care, the worse it could get. You may end up in jail or deported. The immigration attorneys will work to see that this doesn’t happen.