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Do You Need a Military Attorney?

Do You Need a Military Attorney?

Military attorneys represent members of the United States Armed Forces who are facing legal action. This might include an Article 15 hearing, an administrative discharge board, or a drug charge. Many of the military attorneys are former JAG attorneys and they understand the complexity of military cases. A military attorney is familiar with all the ins and outs of military laws and the impact those laws can have on your career.

There is often so much at stake in terms of a military career when a soldier is accused of wrongdoing. A military attorney is often the only chance these people have of clearing their name and their record so they can continue to serve. These attorneys, such as an Army attorney, understand how the military operates, what is expected from its members, and how to best proceed in the case. 

Most military attorneys are located next to military bases, but some are able to defend someone anywhere in the country. If you are charged with a crime or have an upcoming hearing, a military attorney, such as an Army attorney, can help develop a course of action that will help you avoid landing in a military prison or being discharged with any other than under honorable conditions.

If you need help locating a military attorney, the internet is full of information. You can see what kinds of cases the attorneys have handled in the past, as well as the outcomes. You want one of the experienced military attorneys to ensure you have the best chances of winning your case or appeal.