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Guide to Finding Portland Attorneys

Guide to Finding Portland Attorneys

Finding the Right Portland Attorney

If you have legal problems that either involves a large amount of money or is complex, you may prefer to handle the matter with the assistance of a Portland attorney. These attorneys provide more than just give legal information. They also offer strategic advice and use sophisticated technical skills against legal issues. Typically, you will find a Portland attorney who is willing to serve as a legal coach to assist to the furthest extent possible and to take over the situation as formal legal counsel only if it is necessary.

The Best Ways to Find a Portland Attorney

Finding a good attorney who can effectively and efficiently help you with your specific problem may not be easy. Do not expect to quickly find a helpful Portland attorney just by looking at advertisements or listings in a phone book. These sources do not provide enough vital information to help make a good judgment about an attorney. 

One of the most common ways of finding a good Portland attorney is through an online service. There are many different sites that provide a feature to connect with local Portland attorneys depending on the case at hand. A better approach to finding a good attorney is by talking to people in the community who have experienced similar legal problem. They may suggest an attorney who helped them solve their problem.  If a personal referral is not sufficient, a business referral may also be an appropriate way of finding the best Portland attorney. Businesses that provide a service to others in a relevant legal field may be able to identify helpful attorneys. For example, a real estate broker or banker may be able to refer a good Portland attorney who has experience in small business law. 

Go for a Specialist

Many attorneys specialize in certain fields, and it is possible that a general attorney may not have as much specialized knowledge or experience in the specific area of your concern. It may be beneficial to hire a Portland attorney who has experience in a given field, such as zoning laws, restaurant licensing, software design issues, or employment discrimination. While specialists may charge more, the specialized information they possess may be worthwhile. 

Interviewing Potential Portland Attorneys

After finding many prospective attorneys, the next step is to individually talk to each one. It is best to plan out your needs in advance because many attorneys will be willing to meet and discuss these needs for a half-hour or so without any charge so you can make an informed decision. 

Ask all prospective attorneys how communication and contact will work and how long it typically takes to return communications. Do not assume because the attorney is easy to talk to and friendly that this issue can be overlooked. One of the biggest complaints regarding attorneys are that they are not at communicating with a client. It is important to find a Portland attorney who is willing to work with you promptly and efficiently. If they are unable to answer communications quickly or they are difficult to talk to, they are not the right attorney for you.