Guide to Finding Traffic Attorney

Guide to Finding Traffic Attorney

Guide to Finding Traffic Attorney
What is a Traffic Attorney?
A traffic attorney is an attorney, barred by the State, that specializes in representing clients accused of traffic violations.  It is a common misconception that a traffic violation is considered a crime; it is not.  It is strictly a violation that effects one's driving privileges.  A traffic Attorney can aid in reducing or eliminating fines and points from one's driving record.  A traffic Attorney can also aid in situations involving suspended licenses and in many cases a traffic Attorney will handle DUI cases as well.
Why do I need a Traffic Attorney?
Depending on the severity of the issue it may be unnecessary to retain a traffic attorney but the laws of many jurisdictions are different and constantly changing so it is beneficial to have someone representing you that knows the intricacies of the law.  The system that decides whether an individual is capable of operating a motor vehicle is known as the point system.  If an individual gets a certain amount of "points", or violations, on his/her driving record the license may be revoked for a statutory period of time.  This is the number one reason to have a traffic attorney.  Often times the points that are allotted for a specific offense can be enough to have one's license suspended for a period of time usually no less than 3 months.  A traffic attorney is familiar with the law and can often get "points" reduced.  The same applies to fines.  Often times, especially in urban settings, the fines for speeding, parking, and other motor vehicle violations can be expensive and a traffic attorney is adept and getting that fine lowered.
Another reason why one would want a traffic attorney is for convenience reasons.  More often than not a traffic violation will occur in an area that is not close to your residence.  It will cost less money to have a representative go to traffic court and plead your case for you than it will be to take a day or two off from work to travel and fight the violation.  A traffic attorney is usually very familiar with the judges and the prosecutors in the jurisdiction.  A traffic attorney will know which judges are lenient and which are not and he is more capable of directing a strategy that involves, not only the evidence, but the people involved the matter.  Finally, a traffic attorney will know what questions to ask and what procedures to follow.  Was the radar detector calibrated recently?  Was the breathalyzer calibrated within its time limit?  What is the police officers history?  Many questions come up that an individual representing him/herself will not know.
What documents should I bring to the Traffic Attorney?
When you meet with a traffic Attorney it is best to be fully prepared with all the documents he/she may need.  This includes your driver's license, insurance information, tickets, an accurate history of your driving record, notifications from the court, police reports, etc.  The attorney is capable of gathering much of this information for you but it is always a good idea to minimize his/her leg work, especially if you are dealing with an hourly rate.
Experience is an important factor when dealing with the acquisition of any type of legal help; a traffic attorney is no different.  A traffic attorney should have extensive experience in defending traffic violations, especially the one that you are being accused of violating.  With the exception of a few practice areas, traffic Attorneys are very familiar with the individuals who work in the court local court system.  You want insure that the traffic attorney you hire has extensive experience representing people in that jurisdiction and, preferably, knows the judge and prosecutors on a first name basis.  Traffic law involves a lot of trust between the attorney, prosecutor, and judge.  When a traffic attorney attempts to plead down a specific violation the judge's decision will often be based on how well he trusts the traffic attorney when he/she says that the client should be given leniency.
When looking for traffic attorneys the first thing you want to find out is if they have any consultation fees.  If you are meeting with 5 attorneys to discover which one is for you and they all charge consultation fees then you have compiled a substantial bill before you even begin the process of defending yourself.  One thing that will want to be considered when deciding on a traffic attorney is the fee involved.  If an attorney has exorbitant fees any reduction in fines and/or points may not be worth it to you.  Like any other types of attorney, the more experienced and successful the traffic attorney is the more the fee is going to be.  Fees associated with representing clients for suspended licenses, DUI, and excessive speeding are going to cost more than those for simple traffic ticket or zoning violations.  It is best to ask your attorney at the initial meeting what the fees are and get a written, signed statement confirming that information.
What to ask?
There are many questions that you will want to ask a prospective traffic attorney.  These include, but are not limited to:

Ask Traffic attorneys what are the fees associated with representation?

Ask Traffic attorneys Is there a consultation fee?

Ask Traffic attorneys What information do I need to gather?

Ask Traffic attorneys How long have you been practicing?

Ask Traffic attorneys How much of your practice is devoted to traffic violations?

Ask Traffic attorneys What is your success rate?

Ask Traffic attorneys How much time can you devote to my case?

Ask Traffic attorneys What exactly is your plan in representing me?

Ask Traffic attorneys How familiar are you with this jurisdictions traffic court?

Ask Traffic attorneys Have been disciplined by the State bar association?

Ask Traffic attorneys Are you going to be the attorney on my case or is an associate going to handle it?
As the number of people who drive increases, it is much more likely that you will be involved in a traffic accident. And when you have an accident, you will probably need a traffic attorney. They can help you negotiate the ends and outs of a traffic accident. Attorney ethics means they will fight for you to get a proper settlement when you are in an accident. You may have a personal relationship with a single traffic attorney, or you may want to hire a firm of traffic attorneys. Whichever way you go, you need to be comfortable with the personality and style of your representation. 
A traffic accident is very serious and a traffic accident attorney is one of the most important people you will ever meet. A traffic attorney can bring your case to a successful conclusion. What you need is recompense for your injury.
Traffic attorneys go out of their way to be familiar with all traffic regulations, especially those concerned with an accident. Their experience gives them a familiarity with the ins and outs of the law. This way they can get the most money for your pain when you suffer from an injury. 

Traffic attorneys can be a big step in the journey you will have to take to rebuild your life. A traffic attorney can help arrange long-term therapy as well as get you all appointments with the right doctors. Traffic attorneys have to be able to think outside of the box and a group of traffic attorneys will be able to bounce ideas off of one another. It will all add up to getting the most money for your pain.




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