Guide to Finding Orlando Attorneys

Guide to Finding Orlando Attorneys

Guide to Finding Orlando Attorneys
If you live in the Orlando area or in another part of Orange County Florida and you need legal help then you may want to get in touch with an Orlando Attorney who handles cases like yours.  Orlando Attorneys should be in good standing with the Florida Bar Association, have had little, or no, disciplinary action taken against them by the Florida Bar Association, or any other bar association, and be familiar with, not only Florida law, but the substantive and procedural laws of the Orange County and the city of Orlando.
If you have a problem with your Orlando Attorney or you feel that another Orlando Attorney is not representing the legal profession properly than you may want to notify the Florida Bar Association.  The legal profession is one that polices its own members.  Orlando Attorneys and the Florida Bar Association hold the practice of law in high regard and an Orlando Attorney is expected to uphold the legal, ethical, and professional standards of the practice on a 24/7 basis.  If you know of an Orland Attorney who is in violation of the rules of professional conduct then you should contact the Attorney Consumer Assistance Program at 866-352-0707.  You should also fill out a Florida Bar Inquiry/Complaint Form found at  The Florida Bar Association also keeps a list of all disciplinary actions taken against any Orlando, or Florida, attorney within the past 10 years.  You can get that information by calling 1-800-342-8060 ext. 5839.  
If you have an issue with your Orlando Attorney that involves an argument over fees then it is not a matter for the Disciplinary Committee.  The Florida Bar Association operates a fee dispute mediation/arbitration program to help you and your Orlando Attorney come to an amicable solution.  This service can be reached at 866-352-0707.
How do I find an Orlando Attorney
Orlando Attorneys can be found by a number of means.  There are numerous amounts of Orlando Attorneys that practice all kinds of law within the city of Orlando and the surrounding Orange County.  One way to find Orlando Attorneys is to simply ask others including friends, relatives, and co-workers who you believe may know of a good Orlando Attorney for your specific problem.  You can also do a basic internet search to find Orlando Attorneys.  Almost every Orlando Attorney operates a webpage that outlines their practice, experience, education and any favorable results they have received through their legal practice.  Although this is a lot of helpful information it should be taken with a grain of salt for this information is designed to portray that attorney in the best way possible and may not show the full story.
Another way to find an Orlando Attorney is by taking advantage of the lawyer referral service operated by the Orange County Bar Association.  The Orange County Bar Association keeps a directory of all Orlando Attorneys currently practicing who are in good standing with the Florida Bar Association.  By calling the referral service at 407-422-4537 you will be put in touch with a representative who will put you in touch with an Orlando Attorney who fits your needs.  The fee for the use of this service is $50.  The fee pays for a 30 minute consultation meeting with the referred Orlando Attorney to discuss your legal problem.  After the consultation meeting it is up to you and the Orlando Attorney to come up with future arrangements.  You are under no obligation to retain the Orlando Attorney and the Orlando Attorney is under no obligation to take you on as a client.  Always remember that, even if you do not hire the Orlando Attorney, anything that is communicated during the consultation meeting is confidential and may not be disclosed by that Orlando Attorney.
Legal Aid
If you cannot afford an Orlando Attorney then you may have some options.  If you are a defendant in a criminal matter then you may be entitled to representation from the State under the 5th Amendment.  The 5th Amendment stipulates that when an individual is facing any amount of incarceration he, or she, is entitled to an attorney and will be appointed one if he, or she, cannot afford one.  
If you are involved in a civil matter and cannot afford representation then you may want to contact Orange County Legal Aide.  The Orange County Legal Aide is comprised of 18 attorneys who represent clients for little or no charge.  If you feel that you qualify for the services then you should call 407-841-8310 or e-mail at  The service helps clients with matters concerning Family law, Consumer law, Immigration law, Employment Law, and Guardian Ad Litem.  
Where is the Orlando Courthouse?
Orlando Attorneys who practice in Orange County must know the court system, where to file, who the judges, prosecutors, and court staff are.  Cases that involve Orlando Attorneys are heard in the Orlando Circuit & County Courts located at:
425 N. Orange Ave
Orlando, FL 32801
The County court is the court of limited jurisdiction in Orlando.  It hears civil matters where the amount in question is less than $15,000 and landlord/tenant disputes.  The criminal division of the County court hears criminal traffic violations and misdemeanors.
The Circuit court is the court of general jurisdiction in Orlando.  It hears civil matters where the amount in question is greater than $15,000 and appeals from the County courts.  The criminal division of the Circuit court hears all felony matters and appeals from the County courts.
The Orlando courthouse also has divisions for: collections court, domestic relations, drug court, juvenile court, traffic court, and probate court.




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